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8 Ways to Make Bounce Houses Safer for your Kids

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If you have children, you know bounce houses are about as universally loved by kids as ice cream cones on a summer day and gobs of candy on Halloween. See bounce house, run toward it: That pretty much sums up the experience of most toddlers and elementary schoolers. Properly supervised, bounce houses provide hours of entertainment and exercise for your kids.

Here are some helpful hints for keeping your children safe by Mary Hawkins

  1. Always make sure your kids wear socks with treads on the bottom to help prevent them from slipping.

  2. No jewelry, watches, or anything that could potentially get caught on part of the bounce house.

  3. Wear appropriate clothing -- Dress your kids in gym-type attire so they can move more freely. Material like denim will make it harder to go down slides, etc.

  4. Don't mix ages. Keep toddlers in one house and big kids in another to avoid any potential trampling or collisions.

  5. If the bounce house is set up in your yard, always make sure an adult has an eye on it to see that it's properly inflated.

  6. NEVER EVER EVER set them up on windy days, and even on non-windy days, make sure they are properly tied down.

  7. At parties where many kids are present, think about hiring a babysitter to follow them in and out of the larger houses to make sure no one gets hurt. Adult supervision is key.

  8. When in doubt, go down the slide with your smaller kids. They aren't heavy enough to get down and could possibly bounce right off the slide and hurt themselves.